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The UK Office provide systems design, sales and specialist advice for real-time audio and video programme delivery solutions. We are constantly looking for the most cost-effective and quality-rich products and services from vendors around the world. Our portfolio of technologies can help you deliver higher quality content, more reliably across all types of networks:


GatesAir Intraplex IP Link audio codecs feature a wide range of innovative features that help to guarantee delivery of critical program content over potentially unreliable and unpredictable IP packet networks.

Q’ligent Vision monitors the integrity of the content as it travels through a network to help identify problems, and even show you things like what the effect of a fault in the system has on the user experience.


GatesAir is the new identity of the Harris Broadcast Transmission Group. GatesAir produce the market leading, iconic Intraplex brand multiplexers and codecs.

Q’ligent is a suite of software tools for monitoring the critical aspects of media service delivery from media stream parameters and RF signal integrity, to in-depth content (video, audio, and metadata) verification.

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SuiteLife Systems SuiteLife Systems

Axess is deployed across the USA and around the world as a mission critical management tool by leading broadcasters, content originators, Telco networks, building management teams and infrastructure facilities operators.

SuiteLife Systems software and suite of products are designed to automate operations and control and monitor all devices and systems across a network.