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Layer 2 Ethernet Switching

The MD8000 product line includes an integrated, redundant Layer 2 Ethernet switch along with the media adaptation codecs. This capability allows the MD8000 system to be utilised as a single platform at any location replacing media adaptors, edge switching equipment and SONET/SDH grooming equipment. This significantly reduces the number of managed elements in the network and results in lower capital and operational expenses, as well as higher overall reliability.

Layer 2 Ethernet switching provides high performance 10Gbps per port throughput with minimum delay and jitter, as well as providing complete wire speed non-blocking switching. This Layer 2 switching capability can be used to aggregate or de-aggregate transparent or compressed media signals to a common Ethernet, IP or SONET/SDH trunk interface. In addition this switching capability can be utilised to provide drop/add/pass capability between trunk interfaces.

The MD8400 platform minimises the costs and challenges experienced when providing high-bandwidth, high availability services, enabling service providers to efficiently deliver content to the end user. The MD8400 is designed to serve smaller locations where only a handful of services are required, allowing service providers to increase their overall return on investment in short order.

An enhanced feature of the cards includes a mixed mode configuration, which offers network providers the advantage of transmitting and receiving different signal types (HD, SD, and ASI) simultaneously. The cards also support single mode operations. The MD8400 is a modular, multi-media IP based transport platform designed to inter-operate seamlessly with legacy MD8000 core networks. The MD8400 platform delivers Ethernet data traffic, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI video signals natively or with JPEG2000 and H.264 compression. Built around a 90 Gigabit non-blocking IP switch fabric and packaged in a space and power savings 1RU footprint, the MD8400 is positioned to maximise edge and last mile network connectivity.

Media Links Transport Equipment includes the MD8000 product line. This is the company's flagship product for media networking and provides highly reliable, pixel perfect delivery of video, audio and data over SONET/SDH, IP and Ethernet networks. MD8000 systems are widely acknowledged for their robust delivery of guaranteed throughput for every circuit transported across its full wire rate switch fabric.

Media Links Transport Equipment offers GFP (Generic Framing Protocol G.7041) for SDH/SONET encapsulation and network interface to handle connections to legacy multiplexing equipment or directly to carrier local and long-haul circuits. In this manner Media Links provides its customers with a legacy network interface acting as a gateway capable of seamlessly migrating traffic onto Ethernet and IP based networks.


90 Gigabit Data Platform

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